This morning started off smoothly I had a clear apple juice but Reached the cut off time so my husband finished it. Going out to the car there was some pacing (mostly to get steps in). When we got there there was a bit of wait time to go in, two people were called before me. Then my name was called, had to last minute leave my fitbit and purse with him.

Then the wait was okay 👌 they had me under a floofy heated blanket, at first I sat on it 😂 when I found out it was to go over me-I was sold. A super warm heated blanket. 😊 They had me on an iv drip of sodium water to keep me hydrated (because I could not drink). Then I vaguely remember being wheeled past a bunch of surgery only stuff and saying hi to the random doctors who would be working with me. And…nothing…

Back to the recovery room, no picking anything up for 2 weeks mandatory. Liam is allowed to sit on my lap if he crawls up all on his own. A month of recovery 😳 I was told even after the two weeks to take recovery slow, even if I feel up to doing something after a couple weeks not to. New scars added to my tummy and they even utilized a couple that were already there, not having to add new scars was a priority of theirs-I said not to worry about it, I already had numerous scars and was already comfortable in them.

“I’m growing and healing”

The Doctors said I can start to use Mederma tonight (scar care) if I wanted, I do. I think my medicine is working well because I don’t feel the burn marks they gave me. I’m under my weighted blanket with a food and drink beside me. Going to the bathroom is not as bad as I thought it would be, it still sucks, but not super painful (go pain meds!)

Chris’ game: Wrath of god win *high five* I enjoy global cards (things that effect the whole board) so when he wins with a global a high five is in order.

Right about now I would be calling family to check up on everything but this week … no. My mouth hurts so bad when I open it even a little bit. So I am blogging about my sore mouth rather than causing it more pain by talking. I think I’m canceling the beach trip tomorrow because just thinking of talking hurts. I could probably take some Tylenol and just ignore it but I’d rather not. Much needed nap time….

Another day

I finished cutting back the ivy over growing the bench! Go me!!! That feels like a HUGE accomplishment, Chris cut some of the lawn, I am super thankful because it means only part of it still needs cutting. Which I will try to do tomorrow depending on my mood/ambition or lack there of 😅

I set up a planning area with my planner and planning supplies and scrapbooking stuff. I’m trying to remember to use it!

Today was full

I woke up and we decided to visit a friend near a park. We had a lot of fun. Liam fell twice and scraped up both knees, no tears. I’m so pleased and proud of my son. He seems to be very self sufficient and strong willed for a 1 year old. Then we went thru a drive through for lunch.

When we came home I napped and when I woke up I did some yard work and I’m proud of myself for it. I moved the flowers in the pathway to a more prominent place so I could view it whenever I walk outside 🥰

My journey day 2

One of my nails came off by itself (I might’ve forgotten to put the bond on it) but I’m hopeful that I’m not going to bite it. They are still sparkly gray.

I went out and did yard work until I came in with Dan, sneezing/nose running. I cut back some Ivy but there is still a lot to go. I might just use the weed eater 😅 my nose is STILL running! I’m going down for a nap while my son is down, usually until 6:30, sometimes earlier.

I no longer bite my nails

I still do but thinking of myself as a former nail biter helps. I also pick at spots on my body that are healing but never fully heal because I pick them. I made a promise to myself that I am going to try my hardest not to bite/pick.

Sick today. My nose is stuffed/running depending on what it feels like. Sleeping was not easy with breathing being hampered.

Liam just went down for his nap. He was super cuddly and chill. He is so adorable at this stage when he still curls up and cuddles his teddy. I’m going to miss this as he gets older (which is coming way to fast).

Some days I use fabulous all day and others I don’t know.

Liam’s back teeth are making their debut, only one right now that I can see but I’m sure the others are not far behind. Baby Tylenol and lots of cuddles are what is happening. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder and other nights he is fine.


I have a disability. Normally it causes zero problems and most people are unaware I have it. Occasionally I mix up pronouns or adjectives, past tense, present tense ecetera… Normally it wouldn’t matter. I was recently booted from very supportive community for using my past tense/present tense wrong, I NEVER thought something like this would happen. The group was not for me but for my son. We celebrated holidays and birthdays, got excited for each others milestones. We shared clothes, so we were not all individually going out and buying 4 sets of clothes a month for our kids. Now I am one of the normal moms who has to go and buy outfits for my son whenever he grows, which is like all the time by the way. He is set for 18 months but his next growth spurt is gonna be interesting…

I just found out that I was removed from the general support group also, now I have nobody.


Today I woke up early and went down to the church to help paint. I finished an entire room mostly on my own! I’m so proud of myself, I took a couple water/gaming breaks but in the end I got it done. Completing something does give me an itty bitty moral boost. I need those.

Below is a beautiful picture of a “weed” I love it. I might move them and transplant them to where they are not in the path of the weed eater….

Pretty flowers 😄